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Sean Forbes "Hammer"
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Sean Forbes "Hammer"
Free .mp3 download available at Inspired by "The Hammer" a movie based on the life of UFC Fighter and Olympian Matt Hamill in theatres now "Hammer" Written and Performed by Sean Forbes Music Produced by: Jake Bass Directed by: Adrean Mangiardi Cameramen: Matt Stiller, Stefan Vardon, and Adrean Mangiardi Assistant Director: Mark Levin Music Video Editor: Adrean Mangiardi Mixed by: Jeff Bass Engineered by: Steve King and Kyle Resto Recorded at 54 sound, FBT Studios, Jeff Bass Studios. Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner at Bernie Grundman Filmed at: Harucki House, Detroit, RIT/NTID. Special Thanks to Matt Hamill, Catherine Mackinnon, Duff Holmes, Ian Mulka, Stacey Bick, Jonathan Harucki, Gerald Buckley, Greg Lividas, Bobby Sheenan, JoJo Forbes, Oren Kaplan, Eben Kostbar, Joel Martin, Gerald Buckley, Scott Forbes, Benard Hurwitz, all of the students at NTID who participated in the video and all of our friends who kept telling us to make a music video for this song, this one is for you.

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