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Calilarry & Silabowi Deaf-Movies
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C&S = Calilarry & Silabowi. What does it mean?
Calilarry is the brand of Opel/Vauxhal CALIbra and a PC Game Leisure Suit LARRY.
Silabowi is the first name of SIbel and LArs family name of BOstanci and WInter.
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What does it mean?
Calilarry & Silabowi Prank Games?* Sibel and Lars only pranks eachother and show you all. Laugh with us.
Calilarry & Silabowi Deaf-Movies? Sibel and Lars make movies all possible.
We have sort Playlists, so you can find whatever you want to watch our movies.

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* A few months later, they won't stopped pranks because the partnership of Youtube was lost. Their fans and friends like C&S pranks and they support them. At September 2012 they got the Partnership back, which is very rare and they are now back active on youtube. Thank you all!!!
Question? Just ask us and don't hesitate.

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